New Easy, Effective Toenail Fungus Treatment Plan

Laser Therapy May Finally be able to End Your Embarrassing Toenail Fungus!

Laser and Keryflex may finally be able to get rid of your stubborn, embarrassing toenail fungus. This method allows for cosmetic advantages that eliminate any embarrassment of the effected nails.  Laser Therapy and Keryflex Restoration are a perfect pair as the Laser allows the doctor to kill fungus spores without needles or knives while the Keryflex allows the appearance of a healthy, normal nail! Again, there are no needles or knives involved and the treatment only requires a few 15 minute office visits.  The laser is safer and more effective than past methods, and has no major side effects.

Toenail Fungus is Stubborn!

Toenail fungus can be a very stubborn problem to treat. Toenail fungus is a microscopic organism, similar to mold, that thrives in warm, moist, dark environments. It invades environments like your sweaty shoes, and breaks into your nails through cracks or damage in your nail.  Once it gets into the nail, it can be very difficult to get rid of and spreads quickly.

The problem results in embarrassing toenail discoloration- yellow toenails or black toenails, chipped, thin and brittle toenails. Toenail fungus can often become painful and tender on or around the nail. If the infection reaches the nail root (matrix) it will cause the nail to grow thickened and deformed. It can be awkward and uncomfortable to wear sandals, take your shoes off in front of others, or even to go barefoot. 


Finally, a Toenail Fungus Treatment Without Side Effects

Traditional treatment often includes oral medications, such as Lamisil pills, buffering the nail and applying topical treatments, routine trimmings, and finally surgery.  These treatment methods can be very tedious and frustrating as this problem can be difficult to treat.  In addition, oral medication have possible side effects and can be dangerous to your kidney, resulting in required blood tests.

We have many happy patients, both male and female, that have chosen this effective treatment plan to eliminate their toenail fungus.  It is a safer, more effective, and painless way to treat your toenails without having to endure the embarrassment of discoloration, deformities, or chipped/brittle areas.