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These blogs are great for understanding your foot problem, learning proper foot care, and discovering new, painless treatment options. We have all different blogs written by podiatrists around the country, our own doctors, even our staff. Foot care is essential to healthy, happy feet.

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  • Tips to Buying Children's Shoes Buying shoes for children can be especially difficult. Toddlers can't voice their opinion so well and teenagers have nothing but opinions. Here are some tips.
  • How to Measure a Child's Foot for Shoes Getting the best measurement on a child can be a difficult task. Dr Kosfosky explains a simple way to get an accurate reading on your child's foot type.
  • Orthotics for Children | Arch Support for Children Children's orthotics can help to treat and prevent serious foot problems. Orthotics will provide stability and control fot the child as well as reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Yes, Children Suffer From Foot Pain Too Children's foot care is essential to ensuring they have properly functioning feet as an adult. Many children suffer from foot pain and common problems.
  • Children's Achilles Tendonitis Many children can face foot problems from causes such as growing, activities/sports, or biological. Often, these problems are left untreated. Learn the causes and symptoms.