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These blogs are great for understanding your foot problem, learning proper foot care, and discovering new, painless treatment options. We have all different blogs written by podiatrists around the country, our own doctors, even our staff. Foot care is essential to healthy, happy feet.

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  • Common Arch And Heel Pain Problems Dr. Brad Schaeffer explains common arch and heel pain problems. Our office has many painless and effective treatment options available. You don't have to live with it!
  • 3 Ways to Prevent Heel Pain Three easy ways to prevent heel pain. Avoiding frustrating heel pain can be simple if you follow these three simple steps. Keep yourself pain free!
  • How Does A Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Work? A night splint used to treat plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis can be very effective. It is painless and comfortable to wear and can eliminate pain quickly.
  • Peyton Manning Sidelined with Plantar Fascia Tear Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos is sidelined after playing on an injured plantar fascia. Now, he is sidelined without a clear date of return.
  • These 2 Simple Tips Can Prevent and Treat Heel Pain Common reasons people experience heel pain more often in the summer. Our doctor also gives inside tips on preventing and treating heel pain.
  • 3 Main Symptoms Associated With Heel Pain How do you know you have heel pain and not something else, like a heel spur? These 3 common symptoms can help you to determine exactly what problem you're experiencing with your feet.
  • Preventing of Foot & Ankle Surgery Here are simple steps to preventing foot or ankle surgery. Foot surgery is inconvenient, expensive and painful. These tips can help save you from foot or ankle surgery.
  • Heel Pain – A Work Hazard? Heel pain is common among workers who spend their days on their feet. Athletes, hairdressers, mail carriers, and many more spend their days on their feet, often on hard surfaces, and many suffer from heel pain.
  • Orthotics Need to Be Worn Everyday I feel better, do I still need to wear my orthotics? Yes and YES! We get this question all the time and you definitely need to keep wearing your orthotics, here's why...
  • High Arches Can Lead to Pain High arches can lead to pain.The can be to blame for many foot problems. Treatment includes orthotics, physical therapy, and even injections.