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These blogs are great for understanding your foot problem, learning proper foot care, and discovering new, painless treatment options. We have all different blogs written by podiatrists around the country, our own doctors, even our staff. Foot care is essential to healthy, happy feet.

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  • Your Biggest Fears Answered The most common reasons people don't see a podiatrist is because of time, fear, and money. We understand, which is why we create a unique treatment plan for you.
  • Medicare Deductibles, Secondary Insurances... Who Covers What? Many people have a hard time understanding their insurance. This article will help those with Medicare understand their deductibles and having secondary insurance.
  • Understanding Your Insurance Benefits Understanding you insurance benefits can be very confusing. Your plan only covers certain things, you may or may not have a deductible, you may have a co-pay or co-insurance. Our financial advisor discusses how to understand your insurance benefits.
  • Guide to Health insurance Sarah reviews common insurance questions concerning flexible spending, co-pays, deductibles, healthy insurance plans and more.
  • Health Care Enrollment | Insurance Benefits Our financial team answers all of your insurance benefits questions, give easy tips, and offer complimentary benefits checks.