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These blogs are great for understanding your foot problem, learning proper foot care, and discovering new, painless treatment options. We have all different blogs written by podiatrists around the country, our own doctors, even our staff. Foot care is essential to healthy, happy feet.

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  • Get Paid for Your Old Shoes We will give you $5 for each pair of shoes you donate towards the purchase of a pair of new shoes in our office! Get up to $10 towards new shoes.
  • Why You Need Vionic Shoes in Your Life Vionic shoes are safe, comfortable and stylish. Yes, you can have it all when it comes to comfort and style! Make an appointment to come get your shoes now!
  • Have You Seen These Slippers? Our new slippers are cozy comfy and safe. They are designed to protect your feet while keeping them looking and feeling great!
  • Shoe Brands | Comfortable Shoes Our office carries a number of shoe brands designed for comfort and style in our office. Our team of professionals get can you into the perfect shoe for your feet.
  • 3 Tips to Buying the Best Sandals This Season 3 easy tips to buying the best sandals this summer. These sandals tips will keep you looking good while feeling good. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself.
  • Richie Brace | Ankle Support Richie Braces are great for offering a foot orthoses with extra ankle support. The brace can be used for many common foot and ankle problems. Learn more!
  • Sandals Can Cause Foot Pain Sandals can cause a slew of foot problems including tendonitis, ankle sprains and heel pain. It is important to make sure your spring footwear is supportive!
  • Orthotics for High Arches | High Arch Treatment Orthotics can help relieve pain and increase stability for people with high arches. Orthotics help to distribute weight and force more evenly across the foot, rather than the heel and forefoot taking all the burden.
  • Orthotics May Eliminate Your Back Pain Your back pain may be linked to the way you walk. By correcting your gait, we may be able to eliminate your back pain without surgery or needles. Get your free exam today!
  • A Girl’s Best Friend- SHOES SHOES and More SHOES!! Shoe shopping for women is less about comfort and health and more about the right style. However, with help from your local podiatrist, you just may be able to have both!
  • The Necessity of Good Shoes | NJ Podiatrist | Office DePrimo Officer Larry DePrimo bought shoes for a homeless NY city man. The man was without shoes in the 30 degree weather which left his feet susceptible to major problems.
  • Store Bought "Custom" Orthotics Review If You Got Them From The Pharmacy They Are NOT Prescription Orthotics, Learn the very important differences in store bought vs custom orthotics.
  • 400 Pairs of Designer Shoes Where would you put all 400 of your designer shoes? A Long Island man designs his wife a "Sex in the City" replica 400 square foot closet.
  • The 3 Essential Elements of Your Feet Did you know 80% of people are wearing the wrong size shoe? It's true and this is part of the reason so many people experience foot pain. This article explains the importance of proper shoe sizes. Our pedorthist explains the three most important elements to your feet; your foot type, arch type, and your pressure points.
  • Our Certified Shoe Fitter Our shoe fitter, Certified Pedorthist, is able to end frustrating foot pain just by changing your shoes.
  • Orthotics, Shoes, and a Pedorthist We explains the benefits of orthotics, corrective shoes, and the incredible benefits they provide.Any one of them can help to relieve your foot pain.