3 Easy Tips to Buying the Best Sandals This Summer:

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Choose Sandals Based on the Activity

You need to choose your shoes on what activities you plan to do in them. If you’re going to be exploring a new city or walking around Disney World, that is a lot different than choosing a shoe to wear to brunch. If you are traveling you need to bring multiple shoes to keep your feet safe and healthy.

Choose Sandals That Offer Protection

The amount of protection you need will determine the type of shoe to choose. If you are to be hiking vs. walking to the beach, your shoe will be different. You may choose to go with a gripping-closed toe sandal for a rougher terrain.

Sandal Choice Should Consider Length of Use

Depending on how long you depend on wearing the shoes for any given time, will determine the type of shoe to wear. If you are wearing a new, sassy high heel shoe to dinner- where you will be sitting the entire time, then that’s fine. If you plan to go out dancing, you will need to consider something with a shorter heel and more support.

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