Diabetes can have a very serious impact on your feet. Studies show 10% of people with diabetes have a foot ulcer and 10-15% of those ulcers do not heal. This significantly increases a person’s chance of infection and amputations. Foot ulcers are the main cause of diabetic amputations.

Diabetic foot exams are used to prevent and treat any problems before they become a very serious situation. Your doctor will perform a series of tests and observe any changes in your feet to determine any problems. If there are any concerns, your doctor will determine the best way to prevent more serious problems.

diabetic foot check

4 Reasons You Have to Get Your Diabetic Foot Exam

  1. Ulcers- Diabetic ulcers is the main area of concern. Your doctor will check to see how vulnerable you are for an ulcer or determine the best treatment for an existing ulcer.
  2. Neuropathy- Diabetic neuropathy is common. This can cause numbness and loss of feeling in the feet. This can lead to cuts or irritations that go unnoticed and turn into an ulcer.
  3. Shoes- Your doctor is a shoe expert. They can determine and prescribe the best shoes for your feet and habits. Proper shoes are huge in preventing common diabetic foot problems.
  4. Tools- A podiatrist has the tools to check and treat your feet. Make sure your doctor has the right tools to thoroughly examine your feet and a great set of options for any treatment.

Stay safe with Diabetes

The best way to keep your feet safe as a diabetic is to check them regularly. Be sure to look at your feet every day. You may need to set up or purchase a mirror to be able to check the bottoms. Make sure to wear diabetic approved shoes and socks. Lastly, visit your doctor regularly. You can prevent most diabetic foot problems by catching them early and starting treatment.  

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