The school year is coming and all the crayons, pens, pencils, and notebooks are waiting to be used. Let’s not forget one of the most important items to buy along with supplies-- SHOES!

Shoes are so important to your child’s success. Buying the right shoes and the right fitting shoes will keep your child moving and focused throughout the school year. School can be demanding and having supportive, comfortable shoes will help your child stay focused on doing well and staying active.

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Here are some tips to help you with shoe shopping:

  • Do not assume that your child’s foot did not grow.  Their feet are still growing so make sure you get them fitted before purchasing any pair of shoes.
  • Does your child ‘s school have a dress code? Make sure you check with their school to ensure that you are meeting the school’s shoe gear requirement(s). This will save you time on your shopping trip.
  • Since children’s feet are often sweaty, see if you can find shoe gear that incorporate anti-microbial materials or linings that wick away moisture.
  • Do not buy larger shoes thinking your child will grow into them. This can be very uncomfortable and may lead to problems.
  • Finally; if your child has custom orthotics, check for any signs of wear and tear OR signs that they may be outgrowing them. We are more than happy to evaluate them for you!

If you are concerned about your child, it is best to have them checked by a podiatrist. Children can suffer from many foot problems including heel pain, achilles tendonitis, and most common- injuries. Getting your child early into the problem can make recovery easier and faster.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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