Blisters are painful, dangerous and frustrating. Blisters are tiny bubbles of skin filled with fluid. In most cases, you should never pop a blister and the easiest treatment is to prevent them in the first case! Other treatments include a band aid with an antibiotic cream. Blisters will usually heal on their own, but if notice increased redness and pain, you should see a doctor. While blisters can be a pain, these 4 tips will help to prevent blisters.

preventing blisters while running

1. Proper Fitting Shoes- Shoes are usually the main culprit in foot blisters. Shoes that are too tight or cause the feet to sweat excessively cause the majority of blisters. Wearing the correct size shoe is the best way to prevent most foot problems. In addition, you should wear synthetic socks that fit snug and comfortable. A sock with moisture wicking properties is an added bonus.

2. Tape- Taping high friction areas is a great way to prevent blisters. Using duct tape on the back of the heel, near the pinky toe or any other areas you tend to get blisters or experience excessive rubbing can prevent blisters. This is common among athletes.

3. Skin Care- In order to prevent blisters. you need to start with healthy skin. Having great foot hygiene will help the skin protect from blisters. You should keep your feet clean and moisturized. Also keeping your toenail trimmed and neat can help prevent from blisters.

4. Control Friction- Using over the counter creams to rub onto the skin can help prevent from excessive friction. Petroleum jelly is a common product used to decrease friction and prevent blisters.

While blisters may seem like a small, painful inconvenience, they can lead to greater problems. Blisters that become infected can lead to a number of other problems. If your blister becomes more painful or red, you should have it checked by a doctor.

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