Working out in anyway that you choose is a great way to stay active and keep yourself healthy. Many people choose to play a sport as a form of staying active, it is a great way to stay in shape! A sport that I love playing and watching is basketball. Because of both my expertise in podiatry and basketball, I just wanted to go over some common injuries that you may encounter when playing basketball.This could translate into other sports as well! 

Basketball Injuries 

The injury that you will most likely experience is an ankle sprain. An ankle sprain usually occurs when you roll your ankle (typically from jumping or stepping awkwardly). The most common mechanism is called an inversion injury (where you would injure ligaments on the outside of your ankle). You can however injure ligaments on the inside of your ankle as well. This occurs in what we call an eversion injury of the ankle. Associated with this injury it is also possible that you could fracture your ankle. This occurs in the same fashion as an ankle sprain, but usually with more force.  Another possible condition you could encounter is a problem with your achilles tendon. The achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body and attaches to the back of your heel bone. This tendon allows us to push off and jump (a necessity in basketball). A common problem with this tendon is called tendonitis. This involves inflammation of the tendon, usually at the point where it attaches to the heel, however, it can occur throughout the whole tendon. If this condition progresses you can get thickening and eventual tearing of the tendon. One of the more serious conditions that can happen is an achilles tendon rupture. This is when the tendon rips off from the bone. Patients typically feel like they got shot in the back of the ankle.

The good news is, here at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists we treat all of the above conditions! If you experience any of these problems, it would behoove you to call and schedule an appointment today! I look forward to treating you so you can get back on the court!

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