Podiatrist Approved Running Shoe 

There are many shoes out there that claim to be podiatry approved. But regardless of the brand of shoe, each shoe style needs to be appropriately evaluated and tested before excessive use. The first part of the shoe that you should check should be the heel counter. The heel counter is the area which covers the back of your heel. This portion of the shoe prevents instability of the heel when it is firm. I tell all my patients, if you can easily push down the heel with one finger then it is not providing appropriate support. If your child can easily slide into the shoe without untying the laces, then the heel counter may be too soft.

What to Check For In A Shoe..

The next area to check for is the sole of the shoe. If there is too much shock absorption (soft cushion) on the bottom of your shoe. This can cause ankle instability as you try to gain balance throughout the day. This can cause ankle and muscle pain.


Check for arch height. The arch of the shoe should not be flat but also if the shoe is too small for you, you will find the arch of the shoe pushing into your heel which can be uncomfortable. If you are unable to find a good shoe to match your arch, then you can always have a custom foot insert made by your podiatrist.


Make sure that the shoe is not so flexible that it can be folded in half or rolled. This flexibility is damaging for your foot joints.


Lastly, if you do not have a history of arthritis in your big toe joint. You want to check for adequate motion in the shoe at the level of the great toe joint. This will allow you to appropriately walk and run in the shoe.


 It is best to break in your running shoes while walking for a few days to make sure there are no areas of pressure or pain being caused by your new shoes that will be worsened when you begin to run.


Our office understands that it's not easy getting a great fitting and a great looking shoe. Usually we are forced to choose between fashion and comfort. We have been trained to accept that in order to have stylish shoes, they must be painful. From high heels to tight professional shoes to flats, we have come to understand that fashion does not mean comfort.

Shoes with Comfort and Style

Our team of professionals have chosen the best shoe brands with the highest comfort and and style. We offer healthy and safe shoes for everyday life. We understand that our patients need to have supportive shoes for every part of their day. We carry everything from heels, sandals, running and walking shoes, ankle and riding boots and many diabetic shoes.

Shoe Experts

Our team is educated and experienced in getting you the best shoes for your lifestyle and your foot type. Most shoe stores do not even measure your feet anymore! You choose a shoe, tell the salesperson, try them on and pay. However, many people don't realize your feet can changes sizes often and each brand of shoes is sized and shaped differently. This is the difference of getting a professional shoe fitter or not.

Stop wasting money on shoes that don't fit, hurt, rub, cut and dig into your feet. Come into our office and find out how our many different brands can meet all of your needs. Our team is professional, educated and ready to help you be one of the 20% of people actually wearing the correct sized shoes!


See A Podiatrist in Hillsborough, New Jersey and Piscataway, New Jersey to Fix Your Foot Pain Fast! 



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