I was up late this weekend and was watching infomercials for some reason and came across one on the Ped Egg.

This cheese grater like device promises everything except the kitchen sink. For just $10 you can get this cheese grater for your feet from Amazon, Target, Walgreens pretty much anywhere but your doctor’s office. And the reason why you cant find what looks like a cheap and easy way to help your feet is that because it is dangerous!

ped egg

The Dangers of the Ped Egg

Although the Ped Egg may be useful for those with callused feet, buyer beware, overuse of the Ped egg on thin dry skin can actually cause you to cut yourself. In addition, without proper cleaning and sanitizing, the metal blades of the Ped Egg can become harbors for bacteria which you inadvertently expose your skin to. And if you are diabetic, I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous the Ped Egg can be for you.

Instead of trying products like the Ped Egg, why not visit us at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists and we can help you take care of your feet. You only get one pair of feet in life so you better take care of them!  By the way, see below why we are the best egg in town.

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