Are you a baseball or softball player?

I understand everything your going through if you are experiencing foot and/or ankle trouble as a baseball or softball player. I played collegiate baseball in Florida at Palm Beach Atlantic University and have had my fair share of injuries. Your feet and ankles take a beating when you’re playing baseball. Common injuries include ankle sprains, Achilles injuries, as well as neuromas and hammertoes.

baseball injuries

Baseball players should be aware of the following risks.

  • Ankle sprains may occur while running, fielding balls, stepping on or sliding into bases. Sprains should be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon to determine the extent of injury, including possible peroneal tendon injuries or fractures. The foot and ankle surgeon will develop a treatment plan: failure to fully treat and rehabilitate a sprain may lead to chronic ankle instability and recurrent sprains.
  • Overuse or excessive training may sideline some athletes with Achilles tendinopathy or heel pain (often plantar fasiciitis, or calcaneal apophysitis in children and adolescents).
  • Contusions may occur from impact with the ball or contact with other players.
  • Cleats may pose challenges in the forefoot and aggravation of neuromas, sesamoids, bunions, and hammertoes

Avoiding Baseball Injuries

To stay at the top of your game, ensure that cleats are fitted properly, without the proper support, your ankles are at risk to roll or turn when running and sliding. In addition, make sure you properly stretch your body including your feet and ankles. If you experience any foot or ankle injuries, be sure to visit a podiatrist immediately! The longer you wait, especially as an athlete, the longer you could be out of the game. Get treated and get back to your sport.

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