A bunionette is nothing more than the 5th metatarsal head that is occasionally "bowing" away, or out from the foot. This anatomical entity is also called a "tailor's bunion". If you are dealing with a bunion it is probably very hard on you and you may seek to fix that problem right away. It is important to see a podiatrist about this because it should not go untreated for too long. Waiting too long or putting your feet on the back burner will only negatively impact your life in the long run. 

Several things to consider:

  1. Does it bother you on a daily basis, or does it depend on the style of shoes you are wearing when it does bother you. If this is the case, then in all probability the shoes you have been wearing are too narrow or to pointed or too short.
  2. If the tailor's bunion has only recently come to bother you, then the problem lies with the shape of the shoe not fitting the shape of your foot. Simply changing your shoe style, will very quickly solve your foot pains.
  3. If by some throw of the "genetic dice" and I hear someone say " my grandma had these feet also", then it is a simple matter of getting the bunionette surgically corrected.
  4. It is often just a simple outpatient procedure to either "smooth off" the side and top of the offending metatarsal head, or sometimes the procedure might call for cutting the bone at an angle and sliding the enlarged head of the bone back, and thereby changing the silhouette of the foot, so that the bone is no longer rubbing on the shoes. This cut would be fixated by one or two small screws.

However you choose to approach this painful problem, always remember my "mantra:"

                    "The shape of the foot must fit the shape of the shoe." 


                   Your feet deserve nothing less!!! 
Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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