Numbness and tingling in your feet is associated with a wide array of disorders. Therefore before you start treatment of these symptoms it is important to understand the CAUSE. Numbness and tingling may be caused by systemic disorders such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease as well as vitamin deficiencies and excessive alcohol consumption. In addition nerve compression and trauma are also common causes of numbness and tingling in your feet.
numb feet

Diagnosing Numb Feet

Your doctor may perform several tests including blood tests, nerve biopsies, MRI, ultrasound NCV and EMG studies. With a thorough medical history these tests help determine the extent and cause of nerve damage. 

Treatment of Numb Feet

Treatments vary depending on the cause of your numbness and tingling. For example, with nerve compressions, injection and various surgical procedures are a mainstay. However, when neuropathy is the cause, oral medications are often the go to treatment. Most importantly remember that because nerves have a limited capacity to regenerate if you experience these symptoms seek help as soon as possible. If you wait too long nerve damage can be permanent.
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