If you are experiencing arch or heel pain then this is the article for you! These are the top heel issues and how we treat them! Treatment varies from simple stretching exercises to NEW MLS Laser Therapy to surgery. Finding the right treatment for you condition should be diagnosed by a Podiatrist.

Plantar Fasciitis – one of the most common problems.

The plantar fascia is a like a fan that attaches your heel to the front of the foot. The pain usually occurs directly to the bottom of the heel and is very painful after periods of rest. This band can become inflamed and will need to be stretched rigorously before symptoms resolve. If symptoms persist, you may need a cortisone injection and possibly custom orthotics.

Achilles Tendonitis – pain at the back of the foot.

This complex tendon is in the back of the ankle below the calf and attaches to the heel. This can become very painful and inflamed not being properly stretched and/or injury. Aside of stretching and orthotics, we offer new MLS laser therapy to painlessly treat this area and resolve your condition in 6 short treatments! You can also try wearing shoes that have open backs that are not touching the Achilles area, which will help reduce pain when walking. Sometimes immobilization in a cam walker is the best treatment, as well.

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Heel Spurs

This is a small spike either on the bottom of the heel bone or the back of the heel bone where the Achilles inserts. Most people will be diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis like we discussed above. Sometimes the bone spur needs surgical excision because it can feel like walking on a sharp tack. We will diagnose this via X-ray and form a treatment plan specifically designed for you. Other causes of heel spurs include sports, a tendency to be overweight or that you are simply spending too much time standing up. It is also an affliction that seems to affect women more than men.


Treatment varies from stretching to cortisone injections to immobilization. At our practice we try and stay a head of the curve and use MLS Laser therapy to treat these conditions before any surgical intervention is even considered. The Laser is painless and will stimulate blood flow to the problem area by rapidly healing the injury!

The worst thing to do is to ignore your pain, hoping it will go away. In some cases, pain in the feet can be a sign of more serious conditions such as arthritis. So, getting identification and treatment from podiatrists or doctors is very important and should be your first call.  Painful feet can ruin your life, so seeking treatment as soon as possible is very important. Speak to the right people, rest, exercise and wear the correct shoes and your problems will be on their way to being fixed.

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