The winner of the Good Deed Essay Contest has been chosen...David Hallam, 16 of Flemington, NJ was chosen as the first place winner! David's essay was so inspiring, he had our whole office cheering for him! David's essay spoke of his unselfish acts of helping neighbors and friends during the hurricane and snow storms while they are too weak or sick to do it themselves. In addition, David, along with his church have helped rebuild homes for those in need around the country. To top it off, David will be going to Haiti this fall to help poverty stricken communities in need of jobs and food.

Although David's essay was incredible, we had so many heart-warming stories turned in. Along with David, we also had two runners ups- Erin Doherty and Jack McGowan who wrote of their selfless acts in helping friends with school work and volunteering at a senior home. Both were incredibly GREAT deeds and it was very tough to choose the winner. It is great to see children getting involved and helping others in their community.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support these wonderful children and their lovely acts of kindness. We would like to especially thank the Piscataway Mayor, Bryan Wahler for coming to show the children how a great deed can get you recognition beyond school or family. The children were ecstatic to see everyone praising them. Great job everyone!

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