Due to increasing concerns of the novel coronavirus, we would like to share how we combat germs in our office in order to protect our patients, staff and community.

Our office will continue to diligently clean in between each patient and hourly throughout the day with effective cleaning solutions. We use Lysol based products which is on the EPA list of registered disinfectants.

We are providing masks for those who need them and ask that anyone who is experiencing a fever or does not feel well, to not come into the office. We will reschedule your appointment.

We have always been very diligent in keeping our patients, our staff and our community safe. We will continue to work hard to keep our office a clean, safe place.

  • Our team thoroughly cleans the treatment chairs in between each patient
  • Our team cleans their hands each time they leave the treatment room
  • Our welcome room is cleaned each morning with disinfecting wipes
  • All of our doorknobs are cleaned each morning 
  • We are wiping all surfaces with bleach wipes every hour
  • The bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized 3x's a day 

We have always taken germs and bacteria seriously. We have increased our cleaning schedule to ensure we are able to keep our office safe and full of happy, healthy, smiling staff!


Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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