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  • Numb, Tingling Toes Can Cause Amputations Numb, tingling or burning feet are a sign you have a serious problem, commonly call neuropathy. Neuropathy can be a very serious disease leading to amputation.
  • Diabetes is Only One Reason Why Your Feet Feel Numb and Tingly Many people experience numb, tingling, burning, or shooting pain in their feet. Most people assume it must be diabetes, however, diabetes is only one of the reasons you might experience any of the above.
  • Diabetic Shoes Can Save Your Feet! Diabetic shoes can make all the difference for the health and safety of your feet. You may qualify to get a pair of diabetic shoes at little or no cost to you!
  • Experiencing Tingling, Burning, or Numb Feet? Experiencing tingling in your feet? Numb, burning or pins and needles? In some cases this can be a more serious problem that you should discuss with your doctor.
  • Get Back to Life Without Pain! End your neuropathy foot pain and regain the feeling you've lost. Make your appointment today (732) 968-3833. MicroVas is our new service to painlessly treat neuropathy symptoms.
  • Avoiding Amputations in Diabetics Here are simple tips to avoid a foot or toe amputation. Foot amputations are common amongst those with diabetes. These tips can help to save your feet!
  • Causes of Numb Feet Numb, tingly feet can be caused by an array of problems. The cause for numb, tingling feet can range from diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, vitamin deficiencies and more.