We’ve all experienced tingling feet, the "pins and needles" sensation also known as paresthesia, it’s a common symptom that can be mild or severe, short-lived or chronic. For diabetics it can be a sign of a more severe condition such as peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage).

Peripheral Neuropathy can Cause Tingling, Burning Feet

An approximated 20 million Americans have some type of peripheral neuropathy (there are over 100 various types) and suffer from tingling feet. If the tingling sensation is short-lived, and you know the cause, prevention is more important than seeking medical attention. Thirty percent of all cases of peripheral neuropathy are due to diabetes. It's approximated that two thirds of diabetics have some form of nerve damage.

If the tingling sensation is a daily issue, and you're avoiding triggering the tingling feeling by not crossing your legs for extended periods, it would be good to consider seeing a podiatrist in case there is an underlying condition such as a systemic condition.

Tingling Feet Symptoms

Besides the tingling, there are other symptoms to look out for that can occasionally go along with the pins and needles feeling. If your tingling feet are accompanied by extra symptoms such as pain, itchiness, numbness, muscle spasms, dizziness, visions changes, weakness, loss of consciousness, trouble walking, or loss of bladder control there could be a range of causes. A combination of these symptoms must be taken seriously and looked at by a podiatrist.

Based on the combination of tingling feet and the other symptoms listed above there are some possible diagnosis. It could lead to larger issues like peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), nerve dysfunction, nerve entrapment, poor blood flow, infection, autoimmune illness, or hormone imbalance.

When to See Your Doctor

If you are experiencing lightheadedness, confusion, weakness, or paralysis in association with your tingling feet, do not attempt to drive. You can ask a friend to drive you to the doctor, or take a taxi. Tingling feet should never be ignored, as they might be an indication of a bigger health issue.

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