Many people in medicine, the media and public talk about the a breakthrough treatment method, laser treatments! But what exactly is a laser treatment? Laser is being used in many different ways. There are lasers available to treat wrinkles, fat, vein issues, and there are mnay lasers used for the feet and ankles. Some lasers could help to treat pain in the foot and ankles, as well as to treat nail fungus.

The new Diowave Laser is a deep penetrating laser therapy with unique and effective technology that maybe used to treat a large number of foot and ankle pathologies. Pathologies that once crippled our lifestyles and prevented us from living our life to the fullest can now be treated. So yes this new laser therapy can make us feel younger!

The Diowave Laser penetrated deeper than comparable lasers and therefore allows better outcomes in shorter periods of time. The laser therapy stimulates deep musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic and neurologic structures.  This deep stimulation of the Diowave Laser therefore can be used to treat a wide range of pathologies.


The Diowave Laser, stimulates tissue repair, promotes growth, accelerates wound healing, decreases inflammation swelling and pain and deceases scar tissue formation. Furthermore, the Diowave Laser, is virtually free of side effects, Considering the positive effects the Diowave Laser has been shown to produce, it is clear that conditions such as foot and ankle pain, fractures, post-operative patients, nail fungus, patients with neuropathy, arthritis, and tendinitis can benefits from including the Diowave Laser, therapy into their treatment plans!  


We at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists are always excited to introduce new innovative technologies into the community and to our patients and would love to take the time to talk to you about your treatment options. Take the step to get out of pain and call us today! We are waiting to help you!

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