Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your body and let's face it some of them aren't the most appealing. Your feet, especially, can take a real beating. Circulation may be limited, they become swollen and painful and you can't wear any of your normal shoes. Sometimes your little toes look like plump little sausages! Needless to say, it can become quite painful and frustrating.

pregnancy and painful feet

However, here are some tips to help make you and your feet more comfortable during pregnancy:

1. Don't Go Barefoot- this is true for those pregnant or not, but pregnant women who have a hard time wearing their regular shoes may be more inclined to go without...however, you need the support now more than ever.

2. Don't Cross Your Legs- this will only help the decrease of blood to your feet

3. Don't Smoke (of course!!)- but this will also decreases circulation to your feet

4. Get Checked by a Podiatrist- your feet can changes size and shape during pregnancy, which is why your shoes may not fit. It is recommended to see a podiatrist to check for any significant changes.

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Calgary Podiatrist 08/30/2012 04:37 AM
This can be due to excess fluid build up in the feet from the weight and position of the baby. To reduce swelling, put feet up whenever possible, stretch legs frequently, wear wide comfortable shoes and don't cross legs when sitting.
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Wheelchairs 09/07/2012 11:13 AM
Thanks for this helpful tips. In my 6 months pregnancy, I am suffering foot pain. I do not know how to cure this. Thank GOd, I found your post. It really relieves me. Now, I know how to handle it.
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