If you're like many Americans, your work space has likely changed. Many people have traded in their office chairs for couches and their cubicales for dining rooms. Working from home has become the new norm and many people have changed their routines and their schedule to accomodate. While there are many advantages to this new work life, there is one common problem we have noticed.

While the new work casual has gotten even more casual, many people have ditched work shoes for....no shoes! This might seem liberating and free, but it can come with a slew of foot problems. Our office has been seeing patients with a range of foot and ankle problems from their new lifestyle.

Wearing shoes is very important to protect your feet from injuries but also to keep your feet biomechanically correct. We are seeing lots of problems:

1. Accidental injuries- we are seeing more "freak accidents" such as people dropping cans on their feet, picture frames, mirrors. We are seeing lots of "stubbed toes", cut toes, scrapes and even burns. Without shoes, your feet are susceptible to all kind of injuries.

2. Injuries- patients are coming to us for injuries such as sprained ankles, twisted ankles, rolled ankles, and stress fractures. These injuries are common for people who are not wearing the correct shoe for their activity such as walking the dog or getting the mail with flip flops or barefoot.

3. Pain- patients are beginning to feel the effects of not wearing a good, supportive shoe for extended periods of time. Heel pain, stress fractures, and arch pain are common results of not wearing shoes. Your feet need support and will hurt without it.

You can keep your feet safe and pain free! Just because you are not going into the office, doesn't mean you don't need shoes! You still need protection and you still need support. 

Here are some tips to keeping your feet pain free:

1. Wear supportive slippers while walking around the house. Make sure they have soles that are supportive and offer protection if you step on something.

2. Wear sneakers or athletic shoes when you will be venturing outside. Don't skip the orthotics even for short walks.

3. Stretch your feet and calves and make sure you get up throughout your day. It's easy to become even more sedentary while working from home. You don't have to walk to your car, not too far to the kitchen or bathroom either. Make sure you get up and get moving.

If you're dealing with foot or ankle pain or notice any changes with your feet, call our office! Our team can help you feel better!

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