Recovering from foot surgery can be more comfortable process if you follow our podiatrists recommendations. These are 3 important ways to help you recover from foot surgery. If you follow these simple tips you could heal faster, have a more enjoyable recovery and prevent complications from occurring. If you are experiencing any foot or ankle pain pain after surgery, call your doctor immediately.

Avoid Swelling After Surgery

There is one thing that I tell ALL my surgical patients. If you want to recover faster and avoid postoperative complications the one thing that you CAN help control is SWELLING!

Postoperatively, I believe, swelling is the one factor that a patient can control. If you go home after your surgery, elevate your surgical foot and stay elevated for the first week your postoperative course will most likely be much smoother and you can avoid complications that can last well past the expected recovery time.


Get Your Family/Friends Involved in Your Recovery

When you plan a surgery and make sure you fit it into your schedule make sure you have put aside enough time to recover (and are not rushing back to work).  Furthermore, make sure you have the support of a friend or family member. Surgery is not easy. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Having someone to count on can make all the difference.

Listen & Follow Directions

Listen and follow ALL postoperative instructions that your doctor has given you. To ensure that this is done make sure you ask any and all questions that you may have per-operatively. Also if you have a question following your surgery and are unsure of the answer. BEFORE you do anything, CALL YOUR DOCTOR! Trust me, we will not be upset if you call.

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