We Will Give Your $5 for Every Pair of Shoes You Donate

Towards a NEW Shoe Purchase in our Office

($10 maximum value)

As the seasons change many people begin to sort through last seasons clothes to make room for the next seasons wardrobe. As you begin to sort through your closets, set aside your families shoes to donate in our office. We will give you $5 for every pair of shoes towards the purchase of new shoes in our office. We accept all sizes and types of shoes, as long as, they are in good shape.

Shoes for Those in Need

Many people go without proper fitting shoes or make due with only a pair. While we know how important shoes are to keep your body safe and healthy, it is simply not a privilege many families have. We are working to help provide families with shoes for the whole family.

All Shoe Donations

We are accepting shoes of any size, shape and style. We need shoes for the whole family. We are accepting children's shoes, women/men's work shoes and athletic shoes, any season shoes and any sports shoes. Your donation will can help a whole family.

You can donate your shoes at either of our office locations during regular business hours.


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