Family Foot & Ankle Specialists is hosting a free event in Central Jersey at their Piscataway office. For the past few months, we have holding a contest for local children asking them to submit an essay of a good deed they have done and the difference it made. We have been flooded with essay of children demonstrating their kind acts and would like to invite the community to come support the children.

Dr. Wishnie developed the Good Deed Essay Contest to encourage children to to take positive actions in their communities. Often children are rewarded with recognition when they do something bad, rather than rewarding their good deeds. "We want children to learn their good deeds will result in good  consequences instead of the other way around," explains Dr. Wishnie.

Children submitted essays of helping homeless in New York, tutoring other children at school, volunteering at senior centers and more. You could feel the excitement from the children through reading their essays. They were just so excited to be sharing all their helpful, positive's going to be hard to pick a winner!

Please join us as we reward the lucky winner with his/her Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. It will be fun for the whole family!

  • Free food
  • Tons of Raffle Prizes
  • Gift Certificates/ Spa Coupons/ Summer Footwear Discounts
  • Goody Bags
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