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Gronkowski Ankle Problems The first time Rob Gronkowski went to the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2012, it wasn’t about setting records for him; instead, it was about the condition of his ankle. Super Bowl XLVI was a tough year for Rob since he played through a high ankle sprain.

Gronkowski has experienced many injuries in the past including his forearm, ACL, back and knee Tonight, he claims to be injury free and ready for the game! He is excited to redeem himself in this year’s Super Bowl.  His commitment and passion for the game never ceased even while he struggled through injuries and recovery. Now, his

Like Gronkowski, Family Foot & Ankle Specialists will not let you down! We want to make sure you get the best treatment for your foot and ankle. It is so important that you do not ignore the pain in your feet and ankle. We recommend for you to always check on your feet.

If you twist or sprain your ankle, and you continue to experience pain, you should call a podiatrist immediately. If you do not treat a sprained or twisted ankle right away, you could experience chronic pain and the risk of chronic sprains. There are painless treatment available and your recovery might be quicker than you thought.

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