Our new line of slippers are exactly what you need this season. They are cozy, warm and safe.


These fur lined slippers were designed for diabetics and to prevent the many complications that can come with diabetes. Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy which can cause the lose of feeling. Most often the limbs are effected, namely the hands and feet. While to many this doesn't seem like a big deal, it can lead to infections and amputations.

When you don't feel your feet, something as simple as a pebble in the shoe can be life altering. or those with feeling, if you feel something in your shoe, you simply take it out. Those with neuropathy won't feel and will continue to walk on the pebble which will cause the skin to break down leading to infections and ulcers. Furthermore, due to reduced blood flow, diabetics can have a hard or longer recovery period from even a small cut.

Diabetic shoes are designed to prevent these complications. They don't have any seems and have an extra depth toe box. The seems and toe box in ordinary shoes can cause rubbing and friction. In addition, these slippers are very lightweight. They won't weigh the foot down increasing the risk for falls and slips. Also, diabetic shoes typically have an insole to help distribute weight and offer stability.

These slippers are all that...and then some! These slippers meet the high standards of diabetic shoes while keeping your feet warm, cozy and safe.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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Dr. Denise Bonnin is an amazing foot and ankle doctor. She loves to treat children, seniors, and athletes!
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