Laser Therapy and Keryflex Restoration are the perfect pair to create a beautiful nail. The Laser allows the doctor to rid the nail of fungus  while the Keryflex allows the appearance of a healthy, normal nail. The laser targets the fungus at the base of the nail allowing normal healthy looking nails to grow.

After the laser therapy is completed, we apply the Keryflex treatment. The Keryflex quickly and painlessly eliminates the appearance of fungal nails. The topical treatment restores the appearance of the natural nail. With just a 15 minute treatment, you can have a beautiful and healthy nail. You no longer have to worry about being embarrassed by your nails for summer!

What Does the Nail Feel Like

You can treat the nails as a real natural nail. You can get pedicures and even polish the nails. The laser and Keryflex is a great option for both men and women. People love the instant gratification of the laser and Keryflex, as you walk out with beautiful and healthy looking toenails. This a great option if you are going on vacation, if you are going to a wedding, and everyday appearance, as well.

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