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Winter is the perfect time to treat toenail fungus. Your nails will have time to heal and be covered in socks during the holiday season. When summer rolls around you will be ready to show off your beautiful toenails in sandals.

Toenail fungus is difficult to cure, and the existing topical and systemic pharmaceutical treatments do not have immediate results. In the past patients' treatment alternatives were limited to taking liver-damaging pills, or painful toenail removal surgery with the risk of fungus growing back on the new toenail.

With the new and improved technology using lasers it penetrates the toenail and rids your nails of embarrassing discoloration or nails that are chipped and brittle. Complementary treatments utilize polymer resins and unique activators infused with medication to create a resilient, yet flexible nail when exposed to ultraviolet light.

This modern process gets rid of toenail fungus and if done appropriately, it's tough to tell the brand-new nail apart from the other nails. Get your toenails ready for the summer without the use of painful surgery.

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