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    Let’s come together to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey. 


Donate a Gift Card & Get a FREE Pedicure 

Donate a gift card (of any value) & get a FREE pedicure at Healthy Nails & Body Spa


{Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target}


The most requested item from those affected by Hurricane Harvey is gift cards. Gift cards allow people to buy the necessities their families need such as, blankets, pillows, towels etc. We want to collect as many gift cards as possible to help families get back on their feet following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We will give anyone who brings in a gift card, of any amount, a free pedicure at Healthy Nails & Body Spa as a huge thank you!



We  Will Donate $10:

Refer a friend to our office in the month of September and we will donate $10 to victims.


Drop Off Location:

We are collecting pet supplies to help the animals displaced by the storm as they head to NJ.


If you refer a friend who has never been to our office, we will donate $10 to those affected by the hurricane. For the whole month of September we will track every new patient who comes into the office with the voucher or even mentions Hurricane Harvey and purchase a gift card for the value of all those patients. So send those procrastinating friends and family into the office and let's make this gift card a large, helpful amount!

Animals that were housed in shelters in the affected area are being transported to shelters in New Jersey to make room for animals separated from their families. In order to welcome these scared animals and increase their chances for adoption, we are collecting pet supplies in our office which we will donate to the shelter. We are accepting beds, food, treats, anything you can offer. 


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