This is a question that I hear a lot from many of my patients almost every week. In fact just this week I had a patient tell me the following: “my aunt had bunion surgery 30 years ago and she said it was very painful and she couldn’t walk properly for months”. Surgical correction of bunions has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Most of what you hear out there is not true or it is old information. Let me say this again, do not believe what you hear or read about bunion surgery, most of my patients after bunion surgeries recover very quickly, have very little pain and overall have a great experience.

What is Bunion Surgery

So let’s review a little, a bunion is a misalignment of the big toe where the toe angles towards the other little toes and a bony protuberance occurs on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. Some bunions can be managed with simple conservative care, surgery is indicated when a bunion starts to become painful. 

Bunion Surgery is Different

The field of medicine is constantly improving treatment methods and developing new technologies. Bunion surgery is no exception, over the years surgical methods/techniques have been greatly improved and I can say honestly that most of my patients have very little pain after surgery. In fact some of my patients have no pain at all!!!  Furthermore, after most simple bunion surgeries my patients can walk the next is a special walking boot. Within a few weeks my patients are back to their normal activities.

So don’t believe what you hear, you don’t have to be afraid of bunion surgery!

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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Dr. Robert Kosofsky has over 25 years of experience treating patients in our Hillsborough & Piscataway offices
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