Yes, it is safe to get pedicures while pregnant! Many pregnant women cannot even comfortably reach their feet at a certain point in their pregnancy so a pedicure is rightfully deserved. In addition, getting pedicures can be relaxing and soothing against all of the aches and pains while pregnant. 

While it is safe to get pedicures while pregnant, you should take some necessary precautions. We see a lot of patients in our office that got an infection, a fungus, or an ingrown all from a relaxing day at the nail salon. These foot problems can be much more serious for a pregnant woman.

pregnancy and pedicures

Simple Tips to a Safe Pedicure:

  • Be sure you are going to a respectable salon or better, one that offers a medical safe pedicure.
  • Go to the salon early in the day to prevent excess exposure to the smell of chemicals.
  • Use a nail polish brand that has reduced chemical and more natural ingredients
  • Inform your pedicurist (if you are not showing) to avoid too deep of a massage

These are some simple tips to helping avoid unnecessary risks while pregnant. If you do experience any pain or changes to your nails or skin after a pedicure, be sure to visit a doctor immediately to reduce your risks.

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