Can you “beliebe”  Justin Beiber broke his foot? While Beiber was on his New Years vacation playing soccer in Turks and Caicos he slipped and fell. Justin tweeted about his broken foot and shared a photo on Facebook of how bruised and swollen it was. It turns out Beiber rang in the new year with a broken foot! Justin is still going about his day to day activities even with crutches.

No matter if your in Turks and Caicos or New Jersey  do not ignore the pain in your foot! There are simple procedures to follow if you think you have broken your foot.The RICE process is a conservative treatment which stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation.

At Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have state of the art technology so we can take a further look into your condition. Our podiatrists can take X-Rays to see if you broke a bone or do an in-office ultra sound to determine if a ligament, nerve, or tendon is inflamed. Once one of our skilled doctors diagnose the cause of your foot pain, they will give you the treatment plan that is necessary.

If your foot is blue,cold, or numb, pointed in a different direction, and in severe pain, we recommend for you to call our office right away!

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