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Kobe Bryant may have fought through knee injuries all season but his post-season playoff season is officially done due to an Achilles tendon rupture that occurred April 12th in a heated game against the Golden State Warriors.

achilles rupture

Considering I am a through and through Knicks fan, I find myself conflicted; on one hand the LA Lakers have been a thorn in the side of most other NBA teams for years. However, being a foot and ankle surgeon in Hillsborough, NJ, I understand the nature of the injury that Kobe is suffering from and the time frame necessary to recover from such an injury.

Kobe elected to have surgery soon after the injury to repair the torn tendon, which will require at least six to nine months if not up to a year to recover. With that in mind, let’s all wish Kobe a speedy recovery so we can see him play once again, if only to see him lose.


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