By now many of you know I’m a huge baseball fan. So, when I heard the news that Mike Trout, the LA Angels center fielder, was out for AN ENTIRE SEASON for a neuroma I couldn’t help but feel sad. According to ESPN, he will undergo season-ending surgery for Morton’s Neuroma.

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What is a neuroma?  A neuroma is when nerve tissue swells, grows abnormally, or even forms a tumor that’s typically benign. Such a situation can result when a nerve is irritated or damaged. It happens in the nerves in between the long bones in the foot and can feel like a pebble in the shoe, or numbness, tingling or burning. 

Her at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists we have a better, faster, and easier way to treat a neuroma. No need for surgery, little time off, and best of all… little to NO pain! 

Get Out of Pain With Cryosurgery

Instead of surgically excising the nerve, the doctors at Family Foot @ Ankle Specialists specialize in a highly effective, alternative treatment option, known as Cryosurgery. It is a minimally invasive office-based procedure that requires no stitches and only takes 15 minutes to perform.

Cryosurgery cyclically freezes the neuroma to degenerate the nerve tissue that carries painful impulses to the brain by reducing the conductivity and excitability of that affected nerve.

This prevents future irritation and inflammation of the nerve – it stops the pain of Morton’s neuroma and allows you to return to your preoperative activities free of pain.

What are the advantages to Cryosurgery?

  • In-office procedure
  • Minimally invasive (Tiny incision/ No stitches required)
  • Minimal discomfort
  • High procedure success rate
  • No stump neuroma formation
  • Low incidence of complications or adverse effects
  • Long term pain relief
  • Bypass prolonged use of pain medications
  • Cost effective and covered by most insurance companies
  • Minimal to no downtime from work or activity
  • Quick return to everyday shoe gear
  • Treatment may be repeated

If you think you may have a Morton's Neuroma, call our office. We can help get you out of pain with little to no down time. Cryosurgery is a great option for many common foot and ankle pain.


Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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