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Piscataway & Hillsborough Podiatrist, Dr. Robert Kosofsky has over 25 years of experience.

Miguel Cabrera decided to stay in the sunshine state of Florida instead of participating in Tiger Fest. Cabrera is coming off a complicated surgery that removed bone spurs from his right ankle and repaired a stress fracture on the navicular bone on top of his ankle. Therefore, between the snow and ice it was in his best interest to stay clear. Not to mention, the crowded area will increase his chances of someone stepping on his foot.

Cabrera still is not fully recovered from his surgery on October 24. Even though he was able to remove his walking boot, Miguel can only do upper body work. On February 15, Cabrera will be seeing his specialist to find out if he will be ready to play for Opening Day!

At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists we recommend the Moore Balance Brace. If you find yourself losing your balance,  this brace is perfect for you. The Moore Balance brace is supportive and provides great stabilization for your foot and ankle. A great benefit of this brace is that it’s customized to your foot to help correct the way you walk. The Velcro latches make it simple for anyone to use.

This brace will give you the independence you have been waiting for. The quality of your life will improve with just one brace! At our office, we offer the Moore Balance Brace and will make sure it fits properly.

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