Are you having pain in the ball of the foot and have not had any trauma that you could imagine has caused this pain? You may have something called a Morton's neuroma.

A Morton's neuroma is a benign (noncancerous) tumor that results from the thickening of the sheath, or covering, of a nerve. This condition often occurs in the feet, and the thickening is thought to result from extreme and persistent irritation or a biomechanical abnormality of the foot. Below are some suggestions for how to treat neuroma and make the condition less painful.

Most neuromas develop between the third and fourth toes when nerves in that area are repeatedly pinched by toe joints and/or by shoes that do not fit properly. A neuroma is painful, creating a burning sensation and sometimes numbness in the surrounding toes.

At Home Remedies to Get Rid of Neuroma Pain

  • Soak the foot in lukewarm water once a day.
  • Choose shoes that have a wider toe box to relieve pressure on the neuroma.
  • Pad the area inside your shoes that corresponds to the site of the neuroma.

How a Doctor will Treat Your Neuroma

A doctor may be able to relieve neuroma pain for a short period of time by injecting cortisone into the area of the neuroma. Most neuromas, however, must eventually be surgically excised. We also have conservative and minimally invasive options like Cryotherapy. Otherwise, continued nerve pressure can cause greater and more frequent episodes of pain and numbness. Although foot problems like neuromas are hereditary, others are quite avoidable.

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