We treat children in our Hillsborough and Piscataway offices everyday. Our pediatric podiatrists are skilled and experienced in treating all types of children's foot problems. Some common children's foot problems include ingrown toenails, heel pain, Severs Disease, and plantars warts. However, our doctors treat more complex cases such as sports injuries, flat feet and bone deformities.

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Get Diagnosed and Begin Treatment Immediately

The best way to begin treating a child's foot problem is with proper diagnosis. You need to determine the problem right from the start in order to determine the best treatment plan. Our offices have digital x-rays in the office. While this is essential to diagnosing a foot problem in a child, it also speeds up the process. You won't be sent out of the office for x-rays only to return to the office to determine treatment. Also, we have an ultrasound machine located in the office. These diagnostic tools will make the difference in choosing the best, most efficient and fastest recovery plan for your busy child.

While the skills of our pediatric podiatrists and the best services help to put parent's minds at ease, there are four reasons kids love coming into our office. We know it can be scary, even traumatic, for kids to go to the doctors hoping to get out of pain to only find themselves in more pain. We want kids to feel safe and comfortable in the office. 

4 Reasons Kids Love Coming to Our Office

1. SNACKS- We'll start with the obvious choice...we have snacks. We know you're busy and your kids are often busier. We are well stocked with healthy and tasty snacks to keep them busy in the office. While you might be busy going over paperwork and speaking to the doctor, your kids can rest easy and snack away. It helps to keep them comfortable and at ease in the office.

2. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PAINFUL- We have developed treatment plans that are mostly, if not completely painless. Many adults have a painful trip to the podiatrist burned into their brain. Usually it involves a wart and some cutting. We are not those guys. Our treatment are most often painless, especially our plantar wart treatment.

3. FREE STUFF- Our doctors have written a coloring book that's both educational and fun to help them understand their foot problem. Our coloring book outlines common foot problems in children. It helps them understand what's causing their problem and how our office is going to help them get better!

4. THE VIBE- Our team and whole office promotes happiness, fun and good times. Our team is often busy watching children so their parents can be treated without the pressure of juggling kids. Our doctors are highly rated for their amazing bedside manner. Our doctors all love treating children, most of them parents themselves, and know how to calm the fears of children.

We're here to help kids get out of pain without feeling scared and apprehensive. Our doctors and team love having children in the office. Kids are busy little people, having foot pain slows doesn't their fun! We want to give them back the care-free, busy lifestyle that kids deserve!

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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Dr. Denise Bonnin is an amazing foot and ankle doctor. She loves to treat children, seniors, and athletes!
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