Alex Len starting center for the Pheonix Suns, arrived in the NBA recovering recently from surgery on both his ankles.  However, with him on the team he has boosted the teams overall efficiency. He’s averaging about 11.1 points, 10.6 rebounds (3.7 offensive), and 2.8 blocks. Even though Len had surgery on both his ankles, he now is suffering from a different foot problem.

On Monday’s game against the Lakers, this basketball star only played for 19 minutes! His foot was too sore to play any minute longer. As a result of his surgeries, his coach Hornacek suspected it could be a case of tendontis. The medical staff will be monitoring his foot pain to make sure his foot pain does not get any worse.

Tendonitis can occur after trauma such as an ankle sprain, from overuse, or as a result of another medical problem.  Therefore, it is likely Alex Len may be suffering from this. At Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have the best treatment plan for you if you have tendonitis.

Some conservative treatments that will help relieve this pain are applying ice and taking Tylenol, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Even though, all athletes don’t like to hear the word rest, it is important to decrease your activity levels for a couple days. Keeping the foot elevated with the support of a compressive dressing will help greatly!

Our podiatrists will exam your foot and do X-Rays to take a further look into your foot pain. This will help our doctor determine the best treatment plan for you. Prescribed orthotics, physical therapy, and even surgery are all possible treatment plans.

Make an appointment today with one of our podiatrists to make sure you receive the best treatment!

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