Sprained ankles, bunions, calluses, heel pain, toenail fungus. If you got it, we treat it! Podiatrists are specialized and highly trained solely in the foot and ankle. For example, when you are having an issue with your eye, who do you go to? An eye doctor. In other words, when you are having any type of problem with your foot or ankle and even lower limb, you should go see a podiatrist.

What Does a Podiatrist Treat

Podiatrists can offer you more treatments and care before you undergo any type of surgery.  This type of doctor can focus in sports medicine, wound care, foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, pediatrics, and diabetic care.Podiatrists treat skin and nail problems, bone deformitites, athletic injuries, children's foot care and much more.

Podiatrist is a Foot & Ankle Specialist

An orthopedist is educated on the whole body, including the spine. A reason you may see an orthopedist is if you broke a bone. They can perform surgery, casting, or bracing. However, a podiatrist is specialized in all areas of the foot and ankle and are experienced and certified to perform all types of foot and ankle surgeries.  An orthopedic can actually refer a patient to a podiatrist if they don’t feel comfortable performing a surgery on the foot or ankle.

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Jessie Harrison 06/28/2016 09:16 AM
For years I danced in high school and even a little in college. From standing on my tiptoes for hours at a time has definitely done its fair share of damage. I have some pretty bad bunions and sadly I can just heal them by soaking them in water. I'm glad to know that it's a podiatrist that I should be going to, not an orthopedist.
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