Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a foot orthoses designed to help many problems in the foot and ankle. The brace was created by sports podiatrist, Douglas Richie. The brace was originally designed to be a sports brace for athletes, however, use of the brace for non athletes began to show great results. The brace’s main goal is to stabilize joint motion. It is a custom orthotic that provides extra ankle support.

richie brace

The brace is used to correct many foot and ankle problems such as:

  1. Ankle Instability
  2. Arthritic Ankles
  3. Ankle Sprains
  4. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  5. Drop Foot
  6. Charcot Foot
  7. Flat Feet

The Benefits:

  1. It’s light weight
  2. Can fit into your shoes
  3. Easy to put on
what is bestin tennis shoe to wear with brace
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