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These blogs are great for understanding your foot problem, learning proper foot care, and discovering new, painless treatment options. We have all different blogs written by podiatrists around the country, our own doctors, even our staff. Foot care is essential to healthy, happy feet.

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  • Common Pediatric Sports Injuries Common Pediatric Sports Injuries include ankle sprains, growth plate injuries, and stress injuries. Dr. Bonnin explains how to know if your child is injured.
  • Baseball Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Baseball foot and ankle injuries are common. Sprained ankles, turf toe, even ingrown toenails are common problems. We have painless, safe treatments available.
  • 3 Tips to Starting a Walking Routine 3 easy tips to starting a walking program. Walking is a great way to exercise and stay healthy! These easy tips will help get you started.
  • Symptoms and Treatment for Sesamoiditis Dr. Brad Schaeffer explains what sesamoiditis is and how it is treated in our office. If you are having pain in your big toe joint, call our office, we can help!
  • Sports to Increase Your Foot and Ankle Flexibility Have you considered sports to help increase the flexibility of your feet and ankles, therefore reducing injuries?
  • Basketball Foot & Ankle Injuries Basketball is a great sport that can cause a ton of foot and ankle problems. The foot and ankle can be injured with sprains, fractures and much more. Prevention is key.
  • Football Draft | Football Player Injuries It's football draft season. With the draft upon, we are looking at some common football player injuries. Ankle sprains, fractures and soreness are common problems.
  • What is a Peroneal Tendon Injury? Peroneal tendon injuries may be acute (occurring suddenly) or chronic (developing over time). Basic types of peroneal tendon injuries are tendonitis, tears, and subluxation.
  • High Ankle Sprain Many professional athletes have brought to light a painful foot problem- high ankle sprains. Athletes of all kinds can experience this condition that is different from your ordinary ankle sprain.
  • The Best Shoes for Your Next Race Training for a race? A marathon, 5K, even a triathlon? Our Hillsborough podiatrist explains how to get your body ready for an upcoming race.
  • Unusual Stress Fracture in Runners Navicular stress fractures are a common running injury. High arches, minimalist shoes , and over worked feet can all cause stress fractures.