Did you know socks are the item that is most requested by the local shelters and organizations we serve, yet they are donated less frequently than other items. Socks are overlooked and under donated. People who are living in shelters or on the streets or struggle to make ends meet, need clean, warm socks to keep them healthy and safe.

Our office is hosting a sock drive to collect new socks to help benefit those in need in our communities. Your feet are your foundation, without healthy safe and clean feet, your whole body will suffer. Our mission is to help those who need get access to clean and new socks.


Show Your Feet Some Love

The holidays are over and the cold days of winter are upon us. For those living on the streets, it can be a real struggle to stay warm and clean. Often those in need will utilize community shelters for a place to stay and keep warm. These shelters will often provide beds and food, but many aspects are missing. Many of those living in homeless shelters often walk a lot and do not have access to laundry facilities.

Buy purchasing and donating new socks, you will help to keep someone clean, dry and protect their feet from elements, disease and problems.  Our office is collecting these socks now through February 15th. Help us show feet some love by donating a clean, new pair or pack of socks. We’re collecting them in any size (children through adult), color or material.

Piscataway Vs. Hillsborough

Our offices are having a sock-off….who can collect the most sock donations. Our offices in Piscataway and Hillsborough like a little friendly competition so we are competing to see who can collect the most socks….Piscataway or Hillsborough…follow us to find out the winner!

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