Soda Ban Could Lower Diabetes Rate

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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Piscataway & Hillsborough Podiatrist, Dr. Robert Kosofsky has over 25 years of experience.

Did you know the diabetes is still the sixth leading cause of death in the United States? Diabetes is a huge epidemic in the country right now. More and more Americans are falling prey to the disease and now adolescent diabetes is stalkign our youth. Many people who become diagnosed do not even realize the amount of sugar they are consuming. Sugar and fat, sadly, is hidden many of our "so called healthy foods".

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has since claimed war on our beloved soda. he plans to ban the sale of soda that come in sizes larger that 16oz. This hot button issue has people up in arms- some do not believe that government should be involved in healthcare, others believ it is up to the consumer to have self control, others are worried about businesses such as movie theaters, bowling alleys and more.

From a medical standpoint, although the method may not be perfect, the means just many outweight the method.We see so many people suffering from diabetes in our office and complications range from infections, ulcers, even amputations. The cost related to dibetes each year is astronomical.

How Does Soda Effect Your Body?

The high dosage of sugar in sodas and other drinks causes your body to experience hyperglycemia which is the name for the drastic spike it causes to your glucose levels. When your body rapidly digests carbohydrates, it can put added and unneccesary strain on insulin producing body parts. In addition, it will effect your pancreas as it has to combat the spike of blood sugar.

Although it may seem extreme to ban soda in certain business places, we as a country need to get our diets under control. Obesity, diabetes and other avoidable dieases are running rampant.

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