Fall sports season is well underway. Our kids are playing basketball, soccer, field hockey, track and football. Now, any sports that get our children moving and motivated are wonderful! But there are also a number of sporting activities that your children could participate in, in conjunction to their traditional team sport in order to prevent injuries and make your child a better athlete.

These Sports Increase Foot & Ankle Injuries

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Activities such as yoga, ballet, karate, swimming, and both ice and in-line skating all have vast benefits that can not only help prevent injuries but can also improve your child's performance in their team sport.

Yoga, ballet and karate and skating all improve flexibility. Flexibility training is often over looked in traditional sports but is just as important aerobic and strength training, and can in fact prevent injuries such as stress fractures, tendonitis and over use injuries. Increasing your flexibility will help give your feet and ankles a wider range of motion. This will make you a better athlete, as well as help prevent injuries. The more your ankle can flex, the less likely you are to experience common sprains and strains,

In addition to sports that help flexibility. Swimming is a great addition to any training regimen. Swimming can help build aerobic capacity while decreasing weight earring stresses on your foot and ankle joints! Swimming takes the stress off your feet and ankle joints and forces your body to focus solely on the muscles. In addition, it builds endurance that can help you in everyday life as well as in your sports.

If your child has experienced an injury to their foot or ankle during sports, our doctors are trained and equipped to treat the problem. We have 24/7 on call doctors all experienced and trained in treating sports injuries. Furthermore, we have the best equipment available in our office to diagnose and treat most sports injuries in children and adults.

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