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By the time we reach 65, most of us will have walked more than 75,000 miles (3 times around the equator), and bore several million tons of weight on our feet.  Over time, this abuse takes its toll on our feet and alters the structure of the feet. 

The most common changes that occur in the feet are listed below:

  • Increase in foot size and width.
  • The bottoms of the feet lose the fatty pads that cushion the feet (especially the balls of the feet), and the skin becomes thinner.
  • Flattening of the arch.
  • Ligaments And Tendons Become Looser And Weaker
  • Dry, Flaky Skin
  • Thick and discolored toenails.
  • Crooked toes and feet.

Predisposing Factors are those conditions that make an individual more susceptible to experiencing foot problems as they age: Circulatory problems, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Peripheral neuropathy, Flat feet , Pronation or supination, Obesity, Shoe styles, History of foot injuries

Treatments for Common Problems With Aging Feet:

  1. Always buy shoes at the end of the day and measure them each time before you buy. Custom-made orthotics are considered to be the “Gold-Standard” of medical treatment. Always wear appropriate shoe styles…the shoes need to match the shape of your feet.
  2. Wear shoes that provide stability, especially if you have pronation or Posterior Tibial Tendonitis…high heels should be out of the question for feet with these deformities.
  3. Most doctors agree that the most effective way to treat dry and cracked skin is to exfoliate, or remove the dry dead skin present, and to moisturize the underlying normal skin.  We offer products in our office specifically designed for this!
  4. Help avoid ingrown toenails and nail fungus: clip toenails straight across, which, as podiatrist, we are trained to do. Fungus loves moist environments and spreads easily so treating as quickly as possible with products we have in office such as topical treatments, Laser therapy, and Keryflex treatments are offered
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