Our doctors are offering telemedicine appointments for new patients and existing patients. Our offices are open and we are treating all urgent care patients in the office. However, there are many foot problems that does not require an in office visit. The process is easy and works just like an in office visit. You can use your insurance for your telemedicine appointment!

Making Your Appointment

Making your appointment is easy! Call our office (732) 968-3833 or visit our website to begin setting up your appointment. Existing patients will work with our team to pick the most convenient time and to verify which doctor. We will update any demographics and insurance. Our new patients requesting an appointment will speak with a team member who will go through to gather your demographics, your insurance information and begin an intake where we note your problem, your pain scale, and some family history. All of this information will help the doctor decide on the best treatments.

It's Time For Your Appointment

Both new and existing patients will receive an email with instructions on how to "make" your appointment. The email will contain the link for your appointment, include devise instructions and ask for your consent to the video meeting. Once you reply with your consent, you're all set! Now, you need to click the link 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. It will put you into a virtual waiting room. Once the doctor is ready for your appointment, you will be connected automatically.

Connecting the Technology

You do not need fancy equipment for a telemedicine appointment. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with video and WIFI accessibility. All you need to do is click the link that was emailed to you and the appointment will work like FaceTime, Facebook messenger or any other video meeting apps.  If you're having trouble, we can help! Call our office if you have any trouble getting onto your appointment!

It's really that easy! We want to make sure you are able to be seen and treated even during quarantine. Many people have begun walking and biking more often with all their free time. If you are dealing with any pain, injuries or you're ready to get any foot issues treated, call our office (732) 968-3833.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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