At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists we know our patients want to get back on their feet and resume normal activity, but when your feet hurt everything hurts!! The answer is finding the right products that match your unique foot care needs and provide true customized comfort.


The first step to customized comfort is to identify the 3 essential elements of your feet-your foot type, arch type and pressure points:


1st Essential :Foot Size

Your foot size changes throughout your life and an improper fit can often lead to discomfort. Aetrex footwear comes in multiple widths and offers unique features that help provide a comfortable, customized fit.


2nd Essential:Arch type-Low, Medium, or High

Identifying your arch type is as important as your foot size.  Aetrex shoes and orthotics can be integrated to provide optimal comfort for your specific arch type.


3rd Essential: Pressure Points

Customized comfort requires a pressure free environment in your shoes. With Aetrex orthotics and Mozaic Customization, specific pressure points can be quickly relieved to help ensure maximum comfort.

Hi Sophia, Thanks for commenting. Ok, a custom orthotic controls abnormal motion in the foot. Not everyone needs an orthotic. The innsersoles that comme with great running shoes are cushions. It is the shoe that can provide some control and support. However, no two feet are alike and some people need more control than the best running shoe can offer. So, the question really is, are you having any problems when running and what kind of running shoes are you using. Let me know. I hope this helps. Dr. Wishnie
by Dr. Peter Wishnie May 9, 2011 at 10:02 AM
I saw a website - shoe inserts , claiming the most shoe manufacturers don’t have high quality inserts in them, even if the shoe is very expensive, or one that suppose to be a comfort shoe. Is it true? Do I still need a better orthotic than what I have in my running shoes? Source:
by Sophia May 7, 2011 at 08:16 AM
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