Beautiful Feet For Summer Footwear 

The lovely warm weather of summer is a great time to get out and show off your tender tootsies. Many men and women are sensitive about the way that their feet look, especially after a winter of being bundled up.

There are some simple steps that you can take to help your feet look smooth and healthy for summer sandals. 

  • Foot soak – next time you are sitting out on the deck enjoying a good book or just watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee give your feet a good soak. Use warm but not hot water and add your favorite bath oil, natural oil or even just a bit of baby oil.
  • Pumice scrub – a pumice stone is a great tool to use after your foot soak. This is a natural stone that you simply rub across the rough areas of your feet, including on callouses and corns, to remove the build-up of dead skin that is so unsightly.
  • Wax your feet – this is so relaxing it will become your go to favorite thing to do for yourself. Simply warm up paraffin wax until just melted. Do not use hot wax as it can burn your skin. Apply the warm wax over your feet and just sit back and relax. When the wax cools peel off and enjoy your smooth, hydrated skin.
  • Good quality lotion – there are several different specialized products for dry skin on the heels and feet that are very effective. For minor dry skin a good hand lotion or body lotion is also effective, especially when used in conjunction with the practices above. Apply just before bed to allow the maximum time for the moisture to be absorbed.

Get Checked By a Podiatrist

If you notice any open areas or any irritated areas immediately stop whatever foot treatments you are using and see your podiatrist. Never use products on your feet, unless prescribed, if you have current or existing wounds, areas of irritation or any types of sores to avoid any possible complications. Also, if you are diabetic, speak to yuor podiatrist before you try any of these tips.

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